To Jessie RIP

Sometimes things happen that just don’t make any sense. Things that can devastate and throw you off balance. And his was one of these things. 
Jessie’s passing came as a blow to many. She was a vibrant, loving, funny, bright person who could light up a room. She always asked for a glitter cannon at work, but what many didn’t realize that’s exactly what she was. As said by our manager “For those who didn’t know Jessie, she was a hoot. “  
Her passing shouldn’t have been a big blow to me. We were more of what you would call work friends. I liked her because of her sense of humour and the fact that she didn’t let things bring her down. But we were not very good friends. But the news of her stroke and then shortly after passing brought me down to my knees and my life to an abrupt stop. At first I just thought I needed some time with my family. Because life is too short. But even around my family I couldn’t concentrate on anaything. I was not happy and on the verge of tears. My progress …

40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge - Day 17

A friend of mine had a massive stroke yesterday. She’s a mom to two beautiful babies. The little one not even 6 months old, and the other 4 years. She is not doing well.

Often we take life for granted. Moments like this remind us of how important the little things are.

Today I take the day off cleaning and snuggle with my babies.

I’m not giving up on my journey. I will resume my work tomorrow.

40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge - Day 16

Ugh, why?  Just as we started enjoying the nicer weather we got rain followed by snow today. When people were talking about it yesterday I thought they were joking. But no. The snow came, and it actually stuck around. It was the heavy wet snow. Not too happy.

If I’m honest with myself my decluttering isn’t going as well as it did at the beginning of his journey. I mean bags are going out, but I already got tired of the process. Now that the easy stuff is just about gone it’s getting harder to fill the bags. And as I’m looking for stuff to donate I’m failing at actually cleaning which is what I should be doing. And after I’m done feeding, playing with, and cleaning up after 11 puppies I’m done for the day. I try to get some laundry done and do the dishes, pick up a bit but it’s not the same. I need to clean up my bedroom which is still a huge mess, as it appears since I failed to complete it in the time I gave myself to do it, it just stopped getting done.

I think I’m going about it th…

40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge - Day 15

I woke up early this morning.  The sun raises earlier now and the birds are starting to chirp outside.  Makes the morning so much better.  I even got a head start on getting stuff done today. 

Before I even got the kids up, I had laundry going and folded a basket of laundry from yesterday. 
Once the kids were up and dressed we got the puppies fed and cleaned up and off to school they went.  So I went downstairs to organize my stuff to bring to donations, but instead of loading it up in my van I started sorting through things.  My ex would go to a lot of trade shows, and with the trade shows came a lot of trade show stuff.  Lanyards, pens and pencils, sticky notes, key chains, USB drives, hats, golf sets and so on.  He would let the kids sort through all this and they would take some stuff to use and other stuff got dumped in a box or bag and put downstairs.  Well today I spotted one of those boxes.  I quickly sorted through and took out anything that had personal information on it, …

40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge - Day 14

After my failure to declutter last night I was determined to do better today. After cooking dinner with the help of the littles, and feeding and cleaning up after the puppies I set off downstairs to get some cleaning done. My first thought was the old playroom. I quickly swept through and packed up the kids canvasses that they painted a while back. Left a couple I really liked and took pictures of the rest and packed them up into a garbage bag, I also found a bag of garbage that for one reason or another was never taken out last time I was there cleaning. I looked around what else I could donate or organize but I was getting more overwhelmed than anything. I know I could use the 10 item or 10 minute rule but I thought just taking the 2 garbage bags was enough.

I wasn’t however done yet. I got out the boxes of assorted shoes hat we’re sitting in my family room. Most hand me downs from my sister that no longer fit the kids and with the help of my littlest found pairs and put them in the…

40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge - Day 13

Not much progress to report today.  I thought today would be a good declutter day because we had no afternoon activities.  Well right after work I went grocery shopping, and came home and as I was unloading the groceries I cleaned out my fridge.  I was disappointed about the amount of food I threw out.  No liquid veggies but there was containers upon containers of leftovers that just got tossed.  I hate going grocery shopping because it's so expensive, and to see all this food going into the trash bag was truly disappointing.  Especially since my son bakes every day after school because apparently they have nothing to eat until I cook when I get home.  Now we do try to re-use the leftovers by taking them as lunches the following day but apparently we could do better.  As I cleaned out the fridge I vowed to keep better track of the contents of the fridge and make sure food doesn't get wasted.

That was about the extent of my progress yesterday.  I'm not making excuses.  I go…

40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge - Day 12

So today was let’s just say interesting. The kids really wanted to go to the park so we took the dogs with us. We’re trying to get back into walking them. They could use the exercise as we barely walked them in winter. Way too cold. Anyways my boxer somehow slipped out of his collar and, because he’s an idiot, took off running. And just so happens that my neighbour was out at the exact time and called the police on us. Let’s just say that he doesn’t like dogs and this is not the first time he reported us. Although the last two times it was the city. The city investigated and found his claims were off so nothing came of it. He told me that 2 dogs are too many. Anyways the police came out to my house and this is when I realize the difference this group has made in my life. Now Friday, we were guest cleaning. And we have been keeping it up. Well when the police came unexpectedly today the house, although not perfect, was definitely not a huge disaster like it would have been otherwise. I…