What going just a little over budget looks like.

So yesterday I mentioned about going to some greenhouses and getting some new plants... and of course right after as I brought the boxes inside the house and unpacked them, stressing over finding a placer of it all.  I did not expect to get this many plants.  As a matter of fact I put myself on a somewhat plant budget because of almost killing my calla lilies due as I was really busy with my seedlings and didn't do my weekly watering.  Well this is how it went.  I set a budget, I went over the budget, and so I said screw the budget and got even more stuff.  The plants now have new homes, and hopefully they will be happy there.  I will watch them to see how they do and move them if necessary.  Without further ado, here are the new members of my plant family.

These have been on my list, maybe I didn't need three of them but I totally love them.  I have been holding off because they're rather pricey for my taste but they happened to have smaller plants so the price w…

Greenhouse Inspiration and new plant dreams

Today I spend the day at Colasantis.  We went to pick up some jasmine and SOP, but ended up blowing my budget and getting way more than that.  What can I say.  It's my new obsession.  I love their setups, and planters, and sooo many ideas.  Maybe one day I will even invest in some pretty pots for my plants, because they are so adorable.  I think I'm just too cheap to spend the money.  If I will spend it I might as well do it on plants.  I did however find some super cool ones and might have to go back and get them, but with the price tag of 100 for the set I need to really step away and think about it.  Going from not spending any money on pretty planters to blowing that much money on 4... well you see my dilemma.  Well here is some of the pretty plants and decor.

And here is my final plant toll and the magnificent planters that I'm dying to own.  How cool are those.  Just imagine them with some funky plant hair.  I think that in itself will have to be a trip.  And some t…

Garden update

I should start by saying that my seedlings are doing extremely well.  That being said I made quite a few mistakes and might have killed some of my seedlings.  I will start with what I was doing and what I think I might have done wrong.  It's all about the experience and becoming a better gardener in the end, so here it goes. 

Since most of my seed packets didn’t have planting time instructions I put all my seeds into the pods at the same time. Big mistake. My sunflowers, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, and pumpkins germinated quickly and started growing very fast. That forced me to take them out of their little seed pots and put them into bigger pots because they no longer fit under the plastic dome of the seedling trays. I also started taking them outside in the afternoon to harden them off and hopefully put them in pots or straight in the garden. Considering that I shouldn’t be putting anything in the garden until after May 20 I would be a month early. I was hoping to keep the seed…

Seeds become seedlings and other garden stuff

This blog is a bit late but with the nice weather I just can’t help but spend every minute of my free time outside. And with the seedlings in the pots I had to go out and take a look at my garden. The plans for raised beds had to get scratched for this year because the backyard simply isn’t ready for it so I’m back to my little garden patch and pots. But that’s okay. I can do this.

Clearly my garden bed is in need of a lot of help. It was ignored last year because we took time off to see the east coast of Canada. There was no point of planting a garden when there would be no one there to take care of it. And so all the pots just got dumped there to wait for better days. Now I know that it’s not good to clean up all the debris this early in the year because of all the bugs that might be hibernating there so I just picked up all the garbage and cleaned up all the flower pots. And filled the big black ones with dirt and got them ready for planting. Now just to figure out where to put the…

Seeds, seeds everywhere

I have big dreams for my backyard.  They involve pretty much ripping it all up and replacing the kids play equipment with a garden.  I was super excited about it, the raised garden beds and all the produce I would grow.  I started researching different gardening techniques and bought seeds and trays to plant them in.  But being realistic, I know it will be a lot of work and if I'm being honest with myself, and knowing that I will be doing most of the work by myself, I have to accept that this will not happen this year.  I want this to be done right and be a permanent fixture in my yard so I want to do my research so I do it right.  I figure I will use the pots and my current smaller garden and will work on the yard and have it all set up for next year.  Especially since I also have huge plans for projects around the house, because relying on someone who doesn't do anything to do simple maintenance wasn't working.  Now that I'm on my own, and have only myself to rely o…

Being me is never boring

So Saturday is a designated fun night for my best friend and I. We try to get together to craft and bitch and basically recharge our batteries. Sometimes it’s all nice and calm and quiet. Other times, like the one that warranted a trip to the ER because of a cut in the back of the throat, more exciting. Well last night was one of the more eventful nights. To make a long story short I sunk my van in her yard and no amount of elbow grease from her, I’m pretty sure frustrated with me, husband could get me out. We finally settled on calling a tow truck and getting me towed out. And because apparently we weren’t done with the fun yet. The guy took my car keys with him when he left, so we sat in the van, because I already loaded everyone in before I realized what has happened, and while I crocheted waited for him to come back.

On a less exciting but more fun note, I got some goodies. My friend had some presents for me. She gave me some new plant babies. Can’t wait to see how they do. They a…