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Time flies when you're busy

I've been quite busy lately thanks to some wonderful designers who let me test for them.  I think pattern testing is my new addiction.  It's up there with yarn buying.  Since I've slacked off blogging while Jay was here I will have to make up and show you guys some great patterns I have worked up.  This will take me a few blog posts, but I'm sure to show you some of the great talent out there. 

I also started going through my yarn, and putting all the stashes together in one place... hopefully.  I don't know if I have enough room to put it all... Nah... there is always room for yarn.  I'm thinking about invading Jay's closet.  He's hardly ever here anyways, and... well that might keep the kids out of there, and they won't be pulling on his stuff and knocking it to the ground.  I think it's a win / win situation :)  But seriously, I think I will need to research some organization methods of keeping all the yarn under control.  At least keep me fro…

Jay is back LOL

Okay so I haven't posted anything in a while, mostly because I haven't really done much lately.  Jay is back and he openly does not approve of my crazyness.  He thinks that I could spend my time in more lets say useful ways like cleaning and so on.  I still do some work but not as much as when he is not here.  Another reason for this is that I crochet at night when the kids are sleeping because I have nothing else to do.  When he is here, he's awake with me so I'm not bored out of my mind by myself.  Which is also why I haven't blogged.  This is my way of secretly sharing my obsessions with people who like me are yarn obsessed :)

I did manage to do some work and here are some pics of my recent work.  Hope you like it :)  Most are things for my photographer friend, but I am making some fedoras for my girls.  

Well first of all I wanted to show you guys my top hat/bow tie set.  I have desperately been trying to work on some boy things I could pass on to my friend.  Gir…

Finishing up

I have been looking through my finished/unfinished projects bag and... what a mess.  I have a ton of stuff that's 99% complete, and forever resides in that bag.  For this reason I have decided that I will finish at least one thing in that bag per night (on top of all the other stuff I do), and hopefully empty it out and  move it into ready to gift items bin.  Funny thing is that most of that stuff is just simple fix-ups like weaving in tails and sewing on buttons.  This is what we call Hooker ADD.  I think something is cute and want to make it, but once I have done it, the challenge is over and it gets thrown in the bin :(  I hate the tedious little tasks of tails and buttons.  I also have some hats with one eye sewn on and another one inside.  Those were supposed to be my donations to LeeLee Hats.  

Here is some new things I worked up for my friend.  Love them.  Soo cute :) First of all I did this bonnet.  As soon as I saw it I had to make one up.  I love bonnets.  I did not end up…

Look what I got :)

I have never worked on a doily before.  I just am not the kind of person who has crochet stuff around my house.  It is all stored in my bin or given away/sold.  I also don't have the patience to work on so much detail and need instant gratification in my projects.  But I recently entered a giveaway and this is what I won... a Rose Budding Hearts Doily Pattern.  Oh isn't it beautiful? Now I just skimmed over the directions and oh my do I have my work cut out for me, but it would be ultimate challenge to get this done.  Still very lovely.  
I also forgot to show you guys some pictures that I got back from my photographer friend.  Here is one with a tie I made.

And another one with the hat... 

How cute.  This is what makes me make more stuff for her.  I love seeing all the little angels in them.  You see I made and sold a lot of hats during the winter season, but never saw anyone wearing them.  They would always get picked up and that would be it.  I often wondered how satisfied the…

What will I do with all the yarn

Okay, I knew that this moment will come... I did.  But somehow I now that the time is upon me I am freaking out a bit.  I just found out that Jay might be coming back sometime next week and I last time he was here he said - Is that 6 bins of yarn downstairs?  Yes.  That was 6 bins of yarn, on top of all the other yarn that I have everywhere throughout the house.   Well that was before I made all the great purchases.  Now I have even more, and I better start doing something with it to make it look like less... even if it means stashing it away somewhere out of sight LOL.  You see the only problem is that if I hide it I won't have access to it for a while.  He will probably be here for a month.  What to do, what to do? LOL

But then I did get some more patterns tested last night.  I was putting it off and then totally forgot about it :(  Not a good thing.  Then I had to get them both done quickly, and that was when I was ready for bed.  I did get them done, pictures and all and sent b…

More Yarn - I must be crazy

Okay so I mentioned that I am a yarnaholic, and my latest yarn buying adventure might prove it.  Take a look at this amazing yarn I just got.