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It's Christmas all over again

I was at my dad's house today, and one of my friends stopped by and dropped off the kids Christmas presents.  Sad I know.  It's like almost April.  To make it worse I still have presents for her kids at my house and for my cousin's daughter.  At least my cousin lives 4 hours away and does not make it this way very often but still, no excuses. Well here are the goodies we got... plus a RC car that's MIA right now.  

The kids were super excited.  I think we should do this more often.  At Christmas they get so much stuff that they don't appreciate it all, but wait a few months and it's just that much more special.  My oldest one got a set of 3 wooden puzzle things... fun for everyone.  My 5 year old and me figured one of them out... but now they are all mixed up together (pieces for all 3 of them in a pile) and waiting for "one day" when someone, most likely me, will put them together.  We also got to play with the finger printing dino stamps.  So much fu…

I'm a yarnaholic... and proud of it :)

So.... I went yarn shopping today.  Needed to get one ball of yarn to finish my order for the photographer, but Michaels had this great sale, and an additional 20% off, and... well I think I went a little overboard.  But it's okay, I tell myself,  I have seen these great afghans on Pinrest.  I need to make one or two... so here is the yarn for it.

Look how pretty they are... almost like a rainbow:) I got 3-4 balls of each.  How much yarn do you need to make a blanket? I am planning on making 2 out of this yarn, but they are for my kids so I hope I have enough. Also I have never worked with this yarn before so I hope it's nice and durable.

But that is not the end of my yarn shopping... I have stopped by VV, and guess what?  Someone must have de-stashed, because they had a ton to offer.  Well they no longer do but they did :)  Here is what left their stash and made it into mine 

And I found these and just had to have them.  There is this purse pattern I saw.... it will need handles…

New Yarns and Photo Props

I know that I should be talking about my progress on the Waverly CAL today, but there is no progress to talk about.  I looked at the pattern and made the piece but it turned out huge :( It is a beautiful piece but worked mostly in chain, and I think that's what is throwing it off. I took it apart and will have to try again... but have been putting it off because I have been working on something more much more fun and just can't wait to tell you about it. 

I have an order for some photo props for a twin photo shoot... and am just soooo excited.  I have been waiting for this opportunity for some time.  I have seen some amazing props on blogs, etsy, and pinrest and even tried my hand at a cocoon and hat set.  

Well today I went to Michael's to do some shopping... I have to make 2 hats (I think I have yarn for that), and two cocoons.  I got some beautiful yarn, and started looking for some free patterns online to get this done.  This is where I say a big THANK YOU to all the won…

A little pink dress and a little extra

So it's Friday again and we're off to take a look at my Pinrest projects.  This week I picked the Sarah's Sweethearts Little White Dress or little pink dress in my case. I decided to use up some of my Bernat Satin yarn that I found in my stash.  I think that the dress came out just beautiful. In fact I loved it so much I decided to complete it with a little bonnet.  That is my other thing.  I love bonnets for little girls.  Now with spring being here, my girls will definitely be wearing them more often.  

Here are pictures of my progress so far :)  Here is the dress, and this is the actual color of the yarn.  The other pictures are a bit off.

Look at the beautiful detail 

And here is the bonnet I made.  Now I think it turned out bigger than I was anticipating.  Definitely not a match for the little dress.  It (the bonnet) fits my 9 month old daughter, so it will be more for a 6-12 month old and not a newborn (the size of the dress).

Now I think that there is something still m…

Hunger Games

My niece (you know the one that is "blessed" with my crochet projects) is crazy about the Hunger Games, and this Friday she is going to see the movie on the opening night.  She already has the tickets.  I have seen a chart for the Mockingjay pin on Pinrest and told her about it.  I thought that maybe I could make her something with the picture on it.  A hat maybe?  She went on the internet searching for it and told me about a pin she saw.  Now since I needed to make this for her for Friday, I sat down tonight with the hopes to make something to show her.  I have been slacking lately with projects that needed to be done and concentrating more on fun, impulsive things (not good since I have some orders to fill).  I soon realized that if I follow the chart using the yarn on hand, I will come up with something rather big... definitely not something I can fit on a hat.  And with the weather we've been having I'm not quite sure that she would want to wear a hat anyways.  I…

Sweaters, hats and booties... Wait, what did she say again?

So my search for new things to make kept me watching YouTube for hours on end, and today on my "Way Back Wednesday" post I would like to give credit to another wonderful crocheter.  But this one will make you say WHAT?  Well I noticed a beautiful sweater, hat, and booties set by Esperosas I fell in love with and wanted to make, but unfortunately the tutorial was NOT in English.  But I am determined and there is no stopping my craziness.  Besides, after a while you can understand some of what she is saying, and what you cannot understand you can watch and count and... well improvise.  I'm getting really good at improvise and, not to brag, but I actually figured out the pattern and made 2 sets.  Also I have went on and made other things from her tutorials.  I would not recommend this to a beginner, or someone who does not have a lot of patience and has not watched "Dora the Explorer" before (yes you can learn quite a bit from kid shows ).  

Well here are the pics …

Bernat Waverly CAL

This is my first time doing a crochet-along.  I found 2012 Waverly for Bernat Crochet-Along online and just fell in love with the idea, but now we're already a few weeks in (5 to be exact)... Do I love it??? Well that is still up in the air.  I was very excited to start, but then for some reason started a week late.  When I picked it up, in that one day I finished the 2 weeks worth of crochet, and could not wait till the next clue came out.  And when it did I jumped right on board and did my squares the same day.  As a matter of fact I sat checking for the clue every few minutes even though I knew at what time it was coming out... I was hoping it would come out a few minutes early, and I would get it.  Obsessive I know :)  Well when the next week's clue came out I did look at it, but did not complete it... none at all, and now another clue came out and at first all I did was just check what it was...   I think that obsession is my thing and I have to get something done while I…