Bernat Waverly CAL

This is my first time doing a crochet-along.  I found 2012 Waverly for Bernat Crochet-Along online and just fell in love with the idea, but now we're already a few weeks in (5 to be exact)... Do I love it??? Well that is still up in the air.  I was very excited to start, but then for some reason started a week late.  When I picked it up, in that one day I finished the 2 weeks worth of crochet, and could not wait till the next clue came out.  And when it did I jumped right on board and did my squares the same day.  As a matter of fact I sat checking for the clue every few minutes even though I knew at what time it was coming out... I was hoping it would come out a few minutes early, and I would get it.  Obsessive I know :)  Well when the next week's clue came out I did look at it, but did not complete it... none at all, and now another clue came out and at first all I did was just check what it was...   I think that obsession is my thing and I have to get something done while I'm still obsessing about it.  I'm sure that if I had all the pieces I would have been done by now... within a couple of days. 

Now over the weekend I did complete the pieces and am back on track.  Took me two days but we've been sick here and I've spent some time at the doctor's and hospital with one of my girls.   Still waiting for everyone to get better but still managed to get some work done once the kids went to sleep.  

So here is my progress up to date.  I think it will be a lovely afghan and I already have an offer (by my sister) to buy it as a gift for her mil once it's completed.  Maybe I should start working on another one so that when all is done I have one left for me.

Okay, so I wanted to post pics of my progress so far but apparently my camera is MIA (not very impressed right now), and so I thought I can use my old camera that has now been passed on to my son, and I took the pics but my computer does not have the proper card reader for that card (again, not very impressed right now). I really want to do this post so I all I can say is pictures to follow :(

Bernat is also doing a KAL (Knit Along) and I was thinking about doing both (I learned to knit before I learned to crochet), and so I bought yarn for both.  I did check it out but was not too thrilled to start it so I still have the yarn here waiting for a project.  Well today I came across this pattern for Country Flowers Throw and I do have enough yarn to make this with some left over.  I think I might attempt this project along side the CAL.  Who knows it might be a project I will in a few weeks showcase on my Pinrest Fridays :)

Camera found, and so here are the pics... now keep in mind that these are not blocked and my ends are not all pulled in but at least it gives you a general idea of what I have so far :)

Clue #1 - 12 pieces

Clue #2 - 6 pieces

Clue #3 - 6 pieces

Clue #4 - 12 pieces

Clue #5 - 6 pieces

My color selection, and a sampler of all the different pieces so far.  Can't wait to see the new clue, and then finally to put it all together.  


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