It's Christmas all over again

I was at my dad's house today, and one of my friends stopped by and dropped off the kids Christmas presents.  Sad I know.  It's like almost April.  To make it worse I still have presents for her kids at my house and for my cousin's daughter.  At least my cousin lives 4 hours away and does not make it this way very often but still, no excuses. Well here are the goodies we got... plus a RC car that's MIA right now.  

The kids were super excited.  I think we should do this more often.  At Christmas they get so much stuff that they don't appreciate it all, but wait a few months and it's just that much more special.  My oldest one got a set of 3 wooden puzzle things... fun for everyone.  My 5 year old and me figured one of them out... but now they are all mixed up together (pieces for all 3 of them in a pile) and waiting for "one day" when someone, most likely me, will put them together.  We also got to play with the finger printing dino stamps.  So much fun.  Here is what we created.  It's a bit smudged, but that's because my little one kept crawling all over it.

My little guy wanted to shave his head for some time now, and we finally did it today.. here is a before and after picture.  Isn't he handsome?

And finally... here are some WIP (Work In Progress)

First remember the cotton I picked up at VV?  Well I got some beads from a Dollar Store...

and here is what I am making.  

This will be part of my donation for my son's grade 8 field trip fundraiser.  I think they are super cute and work up quite quickly.  Here is my inspirations for them.  Not quite the same as these bracelets, but I read the tutorial about a week ago and was working on the bracelets at my dad's house today... from memory. Clearly my memory isn't what it used to be :)

Here is some granny squares for the afghan I said I would be making that I found on here. Mine will have more of a country feel to it.  I am using Bernat Waverly yarn that I bought for the KAL that I decided not to do.  I have 5/108 completed so far... 108??? Really??? Maybe mine won't be as big. We'll see.

And last but not least, remember the mermaid tail I said I was working on... well here is the picture.  It still is a WIP.  Still need to stitch it up and maybe add some decorations to it.  Hopefully will be done soon.  And next I will attempt one in the crocodile stitch.  You can find the tutorial for this project here.

And remember all the photo props I have been working on for my photographer friend?  Well she picked them up... can't wait to actually have professional pics of some of my things... and in exchange for my time and talent, she will use her time and talent to pay me back.  She will take pics of us... I suggested it to her, and she was all for it.  I am so excited.  I have been thinking about having pictures taken of us for some time now.  Now I can't wait for the weather to get nicer... and have to think of what I would like the kids to wear... For some reason I am thinking tutus, owl hats, and rubber boots for the girls... LOL but that might change by the time I go to do it.  

Sorry about the long post... And thanks for reading :) 


  1. Hi Dear my friend.. I am very happy that I am the first member of your blog. Dear ladilyke showed your blog on her blog. So I visited your blog. You like crochet like me. All your crochets seem so beautiful. And very good work. I ll watch you closer. All best wishes...

    1. OOOH my very first follower. Thank You :) I almost feel like celebrating... a giveaway maybe? (Stephanie from Crochetapy would laugh at this one). I checked out your blog and love your things as well. Love all the colors you are using. And eyelash yarn. We have it here and I love it. I use it as accents for things but never have seen it used on a pillow like that. Really cool.


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