A little pink dress and a little extra

So it's Friday again and we're off to take a look at my Pinrest projects.  This week I picked the Sarah's Sweethearts Little White Dress or little pink dress in my case. I decided to use up some of my Bernat Satin yarn that I found in my stash.  I think that the dress came out just beautiful. In fact I loved it so much I decided to complete it with a little bonnet.  That is my other thing.  I love bonnets for little girls.  Now with spring being here, my girls will definitely be wearing them more often.  

Here are pictures of my progress so far :)  Here is the dress, and this is the actual color of the yarn.  The other pictures are a bit off.

Look at the beautiful detail 

And here is the bonnet I made.  Now I think it turned out bigger than I was anticipating.  Definitely not a match for the little dress.  It (the bonnet) fits my 9 month old daughter, so it will be more for a 6-12 month old and not a newborn (the size of the dress).

Now I think that there is something still missing.  I could not decide on the ties for the hat, I am thinking about getting some ribbon and making a flower and ties from it.  I will also incorporate that into the dress (did I mention that a new pattern with bigger sizes might be coming soon?) to bring it all together.  


  1. Oh! How sweet! The bonnet is adorable! You crochet beautifully!

    1. Thank You. I love bonnets, and this one I have to give you credit for. Your dress was the inspiration for it.


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