New Yarns and Photo Props

I know that I should be talking about my progress on the Waverly CAL today, but there is no progress to talk about.  I looked at the pattern and made the piece but it turned out huge :( It is a beautiful piece but worked mostly in chain, and I think that's what is throwing it off. I took it apart and will have to try again... but have been putting it off because I have been working on something more much more fun and just can't wait to tell you about it. 

I have an order for some photo props for a twin photo shoot... and am just soooo excited.  I have been waiting for this opportunity for some time.  I have seen some amazing props on blogs, etsy, and pinrest and even tried my hand at a cocoon and hat set.  

Well today I went to Michael's to do some shopping... I have to make 2 hats (I think I have yarn for that), and two cocoons.  I got some beautiful yarn, and started looking for some free patterns online to get this done.  This is where I say a big THANK YOU to all the wonderful designers who share their love for crochet with us at no cost.  You guys rock.  

First of all let me start with the hat.  I only found one free pattern for the elf hat that I had to make.  It is a fairly simple pattern and I could have made it up just looking at pictures but it's nice that someone else has taken the time to write it out and spared me the trial and error of doing it myself.  I used Long Tailed Baby Elf Hat - Tutorial & Pattern by Oodles 4 Noodles, but I'm still working on it so do not have pictures to post.  I wanted to first concentrate on the cocoons as I anticipated they would take a bit more time and.... okay, let's be honest here.  I've done tons of hats and they are not as exciting as the cocoons.  I started working on those because they are more fun.  

So here is what I found online - free of course.  I did not use all of these patterns but these are the ones that I liked the most.  
Newborn Nest Pattern by Neanners Shop - I loved this but unfortunately could not find this yarn to make it with.  I truly believe that the beauty of this item lies in the yarn used.  I will keep it here though for future reference.  I will one day make it. 
Baby Cocoon Tutorial by CarmenBee - I did make this one. I think it turned out nice.  And it is one of the ones that the photographer liked as well.  I combined it with a diaper cover for which I found a pattern on Pinrest.  YEY Pinrest :) 

Stork Pouch Photo Prop by Allicrafts - I will make this one of these days... in the future.  I did not have a need for one this time, but I'm sure one day this pattern will come in handy.
Baby Cocoon by Ira Rott - is more of a cocoon pattern (with a hat might I add).  It looks amazing in her pictures, but here is where I learned that yarn makes all the difference in the world and why I did not attempt the other pattern.  Mine did not turn out as amazing as hers did.  I did work my own flower (removable of course) and not the one from her pattern, but I think I will try this one again... in the right yarn this time :)

Baby Cocoon by Tots & Bottoms - is another pattern that I did work on.  I found it turned out a bit small, but then babies are small. I'm sure it will look amazing with an actual baby in it, and not just a doll.  I also made a flower for it that can be attached for a baby girl shoot.... I love baby girl things, they are so much more pretty and fun to make.  

Stork Pouch by Affordable Wonders - Another stork pouch pattern.  When I try to make it (one day) I will have to decide which one is better.
Lacy Baby Cocoon by Christina's Sunshine Heaven - I love this cocoon because of the different pattern, not just DC.  I think it will be very pretty, but I also think that it will look better with a little girl in it.  I think it will be another one of my one day projects.
And here is my own creation... I was freestyling it and once finished I saw how much it looked like a pea pod with the little things on top and regretted not making it in green.  But I love the yarn and how it turned out... 

While I'm talking about photo props I wanted to let you in on a little project I am working on.  I have always wanted to make a mermaid tail photo prop, and have recently come across a tutorial on YouTube for just that.  I did mine in one sitting.... love it.  Now I just have to stitch it up.  So hopefully I will soon be posting pictures of that as well. 


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