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Yes, Pinrest.  This is what my Friday's blog will be all about.  I've been addicted to it since I first discovered it... Oh the endless possibilities... and sooo easy.  But how much of our pinned projects do we actually do?  I have spent endless hours in the beginning just pinning new ideas to boards.  I have pages upon pages of pins, but when it comes to doing stuff I can never find anything.  Okay, I admit it.  My pins and boards could be more organized.  And sometimes things end up in wrong folders, and don't get moved where they actually should be.  But I found that I pin things that I might one day need, and never actually use.  There are very few projects that I have pinned and actually completed.  I think I am more in love with the idea of having it all than ever actually doing it.  But maybe one day :)  

Now don't get me wrong.  I have made some of the things that I have found on there, and this is what my Friday's posts will be dedicated to... things I actually found on there and did.  So here is off to a good start.  I don't know if I have mentioned, but I love making baby things.  I find them so cute, and most importantly quick to make (which is very important, as I get bored of projects rather quickly).  I found this Vintage Crochet Pattern Child’s Hood and just fell in love with it.  What a cute baby bonnet.  I just had to make it. 

Now let me explain what I did... because I strayed from the pattern a bit :)  I quickly skimmed over the pattern to get the general idea of the work involved, and when I went to actually make it, I.... well I didn't break off yarn and just turned and crochet back.  I didn't realize it until a while later, but didn't see much difference so I let it be.  And I just hate hiding the ends so this worked better for me.  I also changed the flower for one I liked better and made some swirly ties instead of the ribbon.  Here is my finished project.

Did I mention that I love big flowers on babies?

And then I went on to make a second one. This one is in need of a nice decorative button :) I'm sure the crochet hook holding it together would be a poking hazard for a little baby LOL

I really liked this pattern, although I'm not sure if I did the stitch right.  I could not figure out where exactly the hook is supposed to go at some points, but I think it makes for a pretty bonnet, and I would definitely make one again.  


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