Sweaters, hats and booties... Wait, what did she say again?

So my search for new things to make kept me watching YouTube for hours on end, and today on my "Way Back Wednesday" post I would like to give credit to another wonderful crocheter.  But this one will make you say WHAT?  Well I noticed a beautiful sweater, hat, and booties set by Esperosas I fell in love with and wanted to make, but unfortunately the tutorial was NOT in English.  But I am determined and there is no stopping my craziness.  Besides, after a while you can understand some of what she is saying, and what you cannot understand you can watch and count and... well improvise.  I'm getting really good at improvise and, not to brag, but I actually figured out the pattern and made 2 sets.  Also I have went on and made other things from her tutorials.  I would not recommend this to a beginner, or someone who does not have a lot of patience and has not watched "Dora the Explorer" before (yes you can learn quite a bit from kid shows ).  

Well here are the pics of the finished products.  One in pink...

and one in blue, because you can never stop at just one.  Actually the reason I did the blue is because the white shows better in the blue than in the pink.  I love how they both turned out.  And cannot wait for some little ones to gift them to.

While we're talking about sweater/hat sets, here is another one I made about the same time.   I just love this hat.  It was one of my favorites.  It was another YouTube project.  The sweater is by mikeyssmail and the hat is my own pattern. 


  1. Nice job!! Way too much time....

  2. LOL... I'm working on baby photo props right now. I have an order but also found a tutorial for a mermaid tail, so just finishing that. Sooo excited :)


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