Way Back Wednesdays

I thought that since I am just starting this blog I should talk a little bit about how this crazy obsession started.  I will list some of my previous projects and the inspirations behind them. 

What would be more fitting than to start with my very first project... Now I'm not talking about the project that was probably a scarf or something along those lines when my grandma first introduced me to the art of crochet... and back in those days it was truly an art (abstract of course) that only a mom or a grandma could appreciate.  Or at least pretend to, and then tear apart (behind my back of course so my feelings would not be hurt) and turn the yarn into something that was actually usable.  AHHHH the good old days :)  Well that was a long time ago, and now things are a little different.  I am the one smiling at the projects made by my kids, and after some time on display, they end up in the recycle bin... but I do take pictures to preserve memories.  

But going to my first project (this time around)... it was an Owl Hat, and I made it by following the tutorial on YouTube, which for those of you just starting out is a great resource for tons and tons of fun and useful crochet projects.  So here is what started it all Owl Beanie Crochet Tutorial, and here is what I created with it....  

This is the first owl hat I have ever made, and it was for my daughter Sybella, she just loved it.  Why??? Because it was pink (her favorite color).

The next day I made one for my niece.  She is the poor creature who gets stuff that I make, like it or not... but she too loved her owl hat.

And then I got asked for one... this was made for a niece in New York...  my first "girl" owl :)

And then, what my son quickly called "angry owl" (after the angry birds game) that was made for a nephew.  He too loved it.

This was an order my sister placed (because she actually supports, and encourages this craziness) for a birthday present.  I just love how it turned out.
The next two traveled to Tunesia and then on to Ireland for two very special little girls.

And finally my attempt at a square owl hat, which I made for my little girl Aeliana.  I love the hat and how she looks in it.  It is by far my favorite owl hat to date... and there has been a few more, but I think you get the general idea.

So happy Wednesday everyone.... and keep those hooks moving :)


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