Finally a Fedora

Happy Friday Everyone... I just thought I'll make a quick post on some of the projects I worked on today.  Didn't have much time because we were busy planning this weekend getaway (that might not happen as I did not get reservations, and the hotel is all booked up now),  but here are two little things that I came up with.  

First, I know I have been looking for a free pattern for this for a while.  It's a fedora hat.... and here it is... not exactly a pattern but a tutorial (what could be better).  Of course I made some adjustments, but then it wouldn't be mine if I did not add my special touches to it :)  I made it in newborn size, because it is a photo prop for a newborn boy/girl.  I needed to make it versatile enough for boy/girl so the flower is detachable.  Cool thing is that if you just roll it up differently it becomes a cowboy hat.  Love it... what could be better, it's like having two hats in one.  I made it out of the brown Bernat Softee Chunky that I got yesterday.  

Fedora Hat

Cowboy Hat

Now let me tell you what I did different than the tutorial.  I started smaller of course because I was making a baby hat, but then when the top was finished and I was starting to work on the sides I worked in back loops only.  And when I was starting to work on the brim, I worked in front loops only.  That made the transition more defined I thought.  I also added the cream color HDC chain around, and made a flower to add to it.  

I also made a little bonnet out of the mystery yarn.  I think I like it... I like it a lot.  It will be cool for a newborn photo prop.  I cannot wait to see what Jen thinks of it.  Here are some pics.

I think I will try a more complex pattern and see how that turns out.  I like how you can see thorough it.  I think it will look pretty on a baby.  Now what to do with the rest of it??? Any suggestions?

And here is my little sleeping beauty modelling the fedora/cowboy hat.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone... 


  1. Too cute. I have a Fedora pattern that I haven't made yet. Now, I guess I'll give it a try. They all turned out great.

    1. You should definitely watch the tutorial, she does a great job explaining how to work it and how to figure out the sizes and extra increases if needed. I think this was one of her best tutorials. Lots of info that can be applied to making hats overall. I think I will make a fedoras for my kids. They are so simple to make and look so cute. Wonder how well it would work with other yarns...


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