Crowns, Hats, and Ripples

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.  We did, and finally the sugar buzz from all the chocolate consumed is wearing off.  We spent time with family and friends and enjoyed every last minute of it.  

I also got to work on some projects, one mainly... the ripple blanket that I started last year, and then realized that I did not have enough yarn for it and put it off.  When I finally got the yarn I was busy with other things and the ripple was just ignored in the bin.  But since I had some time on my hands I took it out and finished it.  The kids all love it, but Bella put a claim on it first so it might just be hers.  Well definitely for the girls.  I made it from the free pattern that came on the yarn, and am very pleased with the results.  Here it is in all it's glory :)

I also made a hat (size 6-12 months).  I used this pattern but didn't follow it exactly.  What's new right?  LOL.  Well here is what I did.  I added another row of increase and to work the bottom instead of doing slip stitch (what the pattern calls for) I did SC.  And for the flower, I followed the pattern but my biggest flower has an extra row added to it to make it bigger.  I made the flower detachable.

And I found a free tiara pattern here, and because every little princess needs a tiara I made one.  Now there are 2 different ways she gives you to make it.  I kind of combined them both.  I started with the 3DC, chain 2 method, but for the front 3 I went back and SC over top, and then 3SC, chain 2 method back, and I finished the rest of the shells all the way to the end.  It came out very pretty.  I have seen other tiara patterns but love how this one turned out.

Now remember the yucky yarn I bought at VV, and decided that the only thing that I could make of it is a rug.  Well it's all finished.  Here is what it looks like.  Still don't know where I will put it though.  

I also started working on another little hat.  It is not finished, but I thought I would put up a picture anyways.  All I have to do is big pom poms on each side. It will be lovely.

And the painting I was working with... well it did not turn out as nice as I would have hoped and I am already planning on painting it over and doing something different with it.  I think it's the placement of the letters that throws me off.  But still not that bad for my first piece of art.

And the kids made some art to go with it.  

Now here is why I don't work while the kids are awake.  This is what my little one does when she finds yarn.

And here is what I do to her.  My kids are used to having to try hats on.  I have made a ton, and by now the kids are used to being called for hat trying duty.  The only one who just hates it is my little girl.  She modeled so many hats in the last year that now she yanks off anything that I put on her head.  But this is what happens when she falls asleep.

My sleeping beauty, and a better look at the tiara :)

And just on a fun note... I hate smelly candles, but I was at IKEA yesterday with my sister and found these.  They smell like Lily of the Valley.  I love that smell, so I had to buy some.  They had them in various scents but this is the only one that appealed to me... and look at the beautiful colors.


  1. Love the tiara! I followed your link up from the pattern :) I like your variation. Have you tried Scentsy before? It's much better than scented candles! Here is the link-

    1. Thank You. I like it too and am planning on making some more, in other sizes. As to Scentsy, I have never tried it. I'll have to take a look.

  2. Great job on the ripple blanket. I thought, how can she finish it so fast, then you said you had already started it. And the picture turned out well. But ya, maybe letter placement, maybe more along top left the bottom right. Love the tiara and hats. Oh I can use a rug. LOL

    1. I only had 3 rows done before, but I finished it fast because it's made with Charisma yarn. It was super quick. But now I do understand why you have many projects going at once. The ripple is a pain... it's so boring... I don't know if I could do it with thinner yarn. It's soo much work.... and sooo BORING. LOL


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