Look what I got :)

I have never worked on a doily before.  I just am not the kind of person who has crochet stuff around my house.  It is all stored in my bin or given away/sold.  I also don't have the patience to work on so much detail and need instant gratification in my projects.  But I recently entered a giveaway and this is what I won... a Rose Budding Hearts Doily Pattern.  Oh isn't it beautiful? Now I just skimmed over the directions and oh my do I have my work cut out for me, but it would be ultimate challenge to get this done.  Still very lovely.  

I also forgot to show you guys some pictures that I got back from my photographer friend.  Here is one with a tie I made.

And another one with the hat... 

How cute.  This is what makes me make more stuff for her.  I love seeing all the little angels in them.  You see I made and sold a lot of hats during the winter season, but never saw anyone wearing them.  They would always get picked up and that would be it.  I often wondered how satisfied the customers were.  Now I see my things being used and I can proudly said that I made them :)  And while we are on this topic, I wanted to show you one of my favorite hats that I have ever made.  It was an order placed by one of my son's teachers, who "saw all the kids walking around in the cool hats, and just had to get one for her niece. "  It was one of the more detailed requests, listing what she wanted, size, and color combinations.  She wanted a Unicorn.  I have never made a Unicorn hat before, so I looked around at what was out there.  I looked at unicorns and horses (because as far as I am concerned a unicorn is a horse with a horn), and this is what I came up with.  

The only thing I wasn't very happy about was the horn.  I really wanted to make it with some sparkle, but unfortunately could not find any yarn I liked.  But I love it just the same, and the lady who ordered it liked it so much she gave my son a big hug, which he did not appreciate much LOL (he's a 13 year old and being hugged by a teacher is just not cool)

Just to finish off I wanted to post my new project that I just finished.  Something I have wanted to make for a while, and of course something that will be going to my photographer friend.  Hope you like it.

I made this using a free pattern you can find here, with just a few adjustments.  First of all I thought that the wrong side looked much better than the right side.  I loved the texture of it and decided to use it as my right side, when I switched to color to brown.  But when I looked at it with the brown, I loved the other side better.  It had the brown line on the green and I loved that.  I then decided that I would use this side as the right side.  And then I started stitching it up and found that I could just make it double sided.  And I love how it turned out.  Very pretty.  Hope Jen likes it too :)


  1. Love how yours turned out and thanks for linking me! :)

    1. I love your patterns, and I'm glad you like it. It was such a great pattern to follow. Thank You for sharing it with us :)


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