Mermaid Princess

I just wanted to write a quick post to show off what it was that I was working on yesterday.  I did get a chance to finish it off today, and am extremely excited to show it off.  I think it turned out beautifully.  And my little girl loved it...  Here is her modelling it :)

Now this does not fit her, it only comes above her knees but she did get to be a mermaid for a little while, and she already asked for one of her own... but in PINK.  Pink is her favorite color.  So I think I will try to make one for her... much longer of course so it fits her, and I will try to hide a hole in there so she can take her feet out of the tail to walk around.  I can hide that under the scales so it will work well, just have to think this through first.  She'd be so excited :)  She could be a mermaid princess.  I am working on a little top to go with it, and I already have a hat that matches the tail.  I made it last year, and it's already at the photographer's.  


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