More Photo Props

We ended up not going to the water park... we will wait until next weekend when we can stay overnight and enjoy the park for 2 days.  But staying home does not mean relaxing.  With props for 3 photo shoots this coming week, I'll be working a little each night trying to get some cute stuff out there.  I will definitely be posting pics as I make things up.  

Here is what I got so far.  First is my bonnet.  I love how it turned out.  Not sure if I want to give it away yet.  I almost want to keep it for my baby girl... but in all honesty she will never wear it...  I just love it so :)

Next is a little something I made up with the yarn I got at VV.  Another hat I really love.  I think it turned out so cute, and the yarn is just so perfect for this.  I still have over 2 balls of this yarn left... what projects will I use it for?

This little hat I might just add something extra to.  I like how it turned out but maybe it needs just a little something extra... but what?  Any suggestions?

And here are some ties.  Two different styles but both really cute.

And finally a knitted baby hammock.  I found a tutorial for one here, but my increases worked out much faster and it's a much wider hammock beginning to end.  I finally got to use my super fat US50 needles to make this.  Not quite sure if this will work so I will have to talk to my friend and see if it needs to be re-done.  But I like how it looks.

I am also working on a hat crochet along by Hooked to Yarn, I will post pics when I get it done ... It being a hat I don't think it will take long.  I started last night but had to re-start because I thought that the yarn I was using was too bulky, and the hat was getting too big too fast.  I completed the first 3 steps and realized that it will just not work well.  I will re-start with new yarn and hopefully have better results :)  If you want to make this hat, just check for instructions on the Facebook page. 


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