More Yarn - I must be crazy

Okay so I mentioned that I am a yarnaholic, and my latest yarn buying adventure might prove it.  Take a look at this amazing yarn I just got.

 Now you have to understand, I am a sucker for fun yarn.  I don't crochet whole things with it but use it as accents... and buy it because it is so cute and I think I will make stuff with it... and then it sits in the bins because I honestly don't have enough projects to use the huge amounts that I buy.  And I have to be honest I actually felt a little bit guilty when I was driving home today.  But it was such nice yarn, and such good deals.  Now I better stop slacking (did I mention I haven't done anything, other than the pattern testing since I went to the water park with the kids???)  and get my butt in gear.  I need to come up with something creative to show at our Stitch & Bitch this weekend.  

Now here is what I made last week for my photographer friend.  Hope she gets some use out of it all.  First it's a Hershey's Kisses hat I found here.  I just have to look for white ribbon to put on top because right now it just looks like poop, at least that's what my son told me when I showed it to him... gotta love the kids.

And just because I saw somewhere a baby with a big flower headband and thought it looked very cute, here is one I made :) 

And I finally finished the pom pom hat I started a while back.  

And here is my little one modelling it.  

And I made the top for the mermaid tail that I made up before.

And finally here is the CAL hat I did a while back.  Need to get my niece to model it for me though.  I am not having a pretty day today.... super tired :(

But on a positive note, here is another pattern I tested this week.  It is a Watermelon Hat by Creations by Ashley and if I say so myself my girls looked very pretty in it.  I am testing another pattern for her today, it is a little piggy hat and will post pictures next time.... But here are some pictures of my beautiful girls in the watermelon hats.

I also found out about the Bernat Knit Sluchy Lace Beret KAL.  Now if you follow my blog you know that I still haven't finished the Bernat Waverly CAL (due to unforseen computer problems I'm sure my kids have created) and I don't normally knit. I can do some basic things but nothing fancy, but I'm sure they will have plenty of tutorials to help us along... and it does look very lovely.

Hope everyone is having a more motivated week than I am... 


  1. Dear friend, I think that I am a yarnaholic, but when I saw your new yarn I believe that you are faster than me.. Wonderful colors and wonderful types.. I like all of them.. When I went to my city believe me that I ll try to find the same yarn of yours..:))

    1. I love it all too. I have quite an assortment, now to just come up with some great things to do with them :) This batch I got off of a lady who retired and stopped crocheting/knitting. It was a great deal. I don't think I would have bought it all at once if I had to pay retail. We're always looking for some great ways to save money :)


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