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Just wanted to say how honored I was today.  I posted pictures of some of my hats on one of the crochet Facebook pages, and someone actually asked me for a pattern for one of my creations.  To think that my work was so good that someone would like to make it themselves.  I am totally honored.  I actually for a moment entertained the idea of writing out the pattern, but then realized that my shorthand for pattern writing would not make any sense to anyone but me.  But maybe one day.... one day :)
Oh, and in case you are wondering which hat I am talking about... My bonnet.

My photographer friend stopped by today and she loved the things I made for her.  She is so great.  It's nice to meet someone who has a passion for something.  Hers is photography.  It's funny though because we talked about how people sometimes want the same thing.  They come to you with a motion in their head of what they want.... And although their vision is great, you might be just sick and tired of doing it.  It's been done so many times already.  I think this applies to both photography and hats.  I truly enjoy making things... my own things, or patterns that I find and think are great.  I have made a ton of hats over the winter, and you can only be excited about so many Angry Bird hats before you want nothing to do with them... It's nice to be able to just do whatever I like and have someone else enjoy them (and not just put them in a bin).  

And here is another hat I just finished making.  I made one of these before and posted professional pictures.  I had a request for another one but in a bigger size.  And here is what I came up with.  For those who need the pattern for this hat, you can find it here.

And last but not least a sneak peak of my new project I am working on.  Now I know I thought I would never do anything using this stitch again but maybe it's growing on me :)  We'll see if this gets finished or ends up in the "to finish one day" pile. 


  1. Dear my friend, I must say that you are very talent. You make very beautiful crochet items and I am following your blog very closer. And also I like all your crochet hats and I ll try to make it soon. All best wishes..

  2. Please please could you tell me what stitch is used on your last pictures, the stitch you used on the mermaid tail? I dont know what it is and I cant figure it out! You have some wonderful items on here, i stumbled across you by accident and have book marked you now!! :) xxx

    1. Thank You for your interest in my page and one of my projects. The stitch you are inquiring about is the crocodile stitch. There are quite a few good tutorials on YouTube, and more than one way to do it. I am working on another Mermaid Tail for my 5 year old daughter. That one was a special order for a photographer. There are some cute hats that you can make with it as well. I would love to see what you make with it :)


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