My work in action

I came home today to a wonderful surprise.  My friend who picked up the photo props I have made, has sent me some pictures.  This is the first time I have had my work in professional pictures.  Just can't wait to share them.  So here are some of them :)

Aren't they just precious?  And to think... I thought that the last two were too small for a baby to fit into.  But then they are so squishy at that age.  Now I cannot wait for my photo shoot.  I'm sure it will be great. I will be working on a few more photo props for her.  I have a little turtle cape that I have seen a free pattern online for, some newborn hats, and a mermaid tail (in alligator stitch) that I would like to try.  I'm sure I'll be posting pics soon.

Now here is what I have been working on... I have found a hat that I wanted to make on Pinrest, and then found that the designer from Pardon My Chaos has a lot of free patterns for kid's hats.  Here is what I made so far, and still have some projects of hers that I want to complete... First I made this hat. I used Charisma by Loops & Threads to make it.  I just love how it turned out. Now to just find a pretty little princess to give it to :)

I also made this hat for my little girl... she likes it... I made it from this pattern.

And here is the hat that started it all.  It was not the first one that I made, but the one that I pinned on my Pinrest,  I did not do the face characteristic, but then it does look cute just the way it is...

Now I hope you enjoyed my hats, and see you all soon.  I need to get some sleep, as I cannot keep my eyes open anymore.  Have a lovely day everyone :)


  1. Your crochet hats are so pretty. But your children are the sweetest of course.. Have nice sleep and best wishes...

    1. Thanks. My kids are a crazy bunch, can't help but love them :)

  2. I give the Liebster Award on my new posting today.


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