Testing Patterns

I have always wanted to test for some of the great pattern designers out there, and I am so glad I finally got a chance to do it.  I guess with my skills improving, and some luck I managed to test 3 patterns today.  I loved it.  It was quite different than my usual work.  Even with patterns I usually make things up as I go along.  There aren't many patterns recently that I followed exactly (as those that read my blog know).  This time though I had to do exactly what the pattern said, and pay attention to see if there are any errors in it as well.  I am glad I tried it it was lots of fun, and would like to thank the great designers who gave me a chance.  

Here is what I did.
First I did a pattern for a Tickle Monster cup cozy by Heidi's Hook.  

She also has an adorable Cookie Monster pattern if anyone likes blue better :)

Now the other two things I tested were hats.  I first was chosen to test one hat and then when I went back today to say that I did finish the pattern and was sending her pictures, I noticed that she mentioned that she had another pattern that she wanted testers for and asked if I could do this one as well... and she said yes :)  Soo happy.  Her hats are just adorable.  So here is the Sunhat by Head over Heels Designs.

And the Heat Wave hat again by Head over Heels Designs.

I will be trying it on a baby tomorrow.  Can't wait :)


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