What will I do with all the yarn

Okay, I knew that this moment will come... I did.  But somehow I now that the time is upon me I am freaking out a bit.  I just found out that Jay might be coming back sometime next week and I last time he was here he said - Is that 6 bins of yarn downstairs?  Yes.  That was 6 bins of yarn, on top of all the other yarn that I have everywhere throughout the house.   Well that was before I made all the great purchases.  Now I have even more, and I better start doing something with it to make it look like less... even if it means stashing it away somewhere out of sight LOL.  You see the only problem is that if I hide it I won't have access to it for a while.  He will probably be here for a month.  What to do, what to do? LOL

But then I did get some more patterns tested last night.  I was putting it off and then totally forgot about it :(  Not a good thing.  Then I had to get them both done quickly, and that was when I was ready for bed.  I did get them done, pictures and all and sent back with corrections last night, and even got to test another pattern for her today.  Got that one done and out of the way already though.  Here are pictures of my latest creations.

Here is another one of the Watermelon Hat Pattern by Crochet Creations by Ashley .  I used curly cues instead of braids I like how it turned out.  Will be giving this to my photographer friend.  It is newborn size.

This is a new pattern I was testing.  It is a Pig Hat by Crochet Creations by Ashley. Will be going to my photographer friend as well.  Another newborn size. 

And today's test, Barefoot Flower Sandals by Crochet Creations by Ashley.  

Great patterns, and now maybe I should get to some of my own things I want to work on.  I have a whole bunch of photo props that I still have to make, and when Jay is here I never get as much done.  


  1. Well I could always store it for you. LOL By the way, does he know your blog address.

    1. NO. He does not know I have a blog LOL. That is why I love my blog and your page (both he does not see). I know I'm evil, but us yarn girls need to have some secrets :)


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