Finishing up

I have been looking through my finished/unfinished projects bag and... what a mess.  I have a ton of stuff that's 99% complete, and forever resides in that bag.  For this reason I have decided that I will finish at least one thing in that bag per night (on top of all the other stuff I do), and hopefully empty it out and  move it into ready to gift items bin.  Funny thing is that most of that stuff is just simple fix-ups like weaving in tails and sewing on buttons.  This is what we call Hooker ADD.  I think something is cute and want to make it, but once I have done it, the challenge is over and it gets thrown in the bin :(  I hate the tedious little tasks of tails and buttons.  I also have some hats with one eye sewn on and another one inside.  Those were supposed to be my donations to LeeLee Hats.  

Here is some new things I worked up for my friend.  Love them.  Soo cute :)
First of all I did this bonnet.  As soon as I saw it I had to make one up.  I love bonnets.  I did not end up putting the flowers on because my yarn was variegated and I don't think the flowers would show up as well.  Love it.  

Next I worked on this Lady Bug.  Another cute free pattern.  It was very similar to the turtle shell pattern.  It was quick and easy to make and I made most of it up during our Stitch & Bitch yesterday. I'm sure it will be appreciated :)

I also finished another baby cocoon for her.  I love how putting the edging in the white turned out.  I think it made it so much cuter.  I love the little loopy flower as well.  Wish I could make it fuller but it was very hard working with this yarn, and it was just looking more flat the more layers of loops that I added.  

And of course I did not take pics of all the stuff and they showed up at my door, and I totally forgot about it.  So no pics of any of the wonderful things that I made... except of course for what they brought.  3 garbage bags full of yarn... AHHHHH WHAT WILL I DO WITH ALL THE YARN.  LOL.  And this one is different.  It's all wool blends.  Although I have worked with wool blends before making hats, I love the acrylic for it's softness.  But I will not complain.  I can just imagine the wonderful things I can make.. but when will I find the time?  And now to organize it all... I tried to go through and organize it by type, which is how I have mine organized right now.  

So that's what it looks now.  On the floor in my living room :)


  1. Ooo dear friend, Your living room looks like just my living room with yarn on the floor..:))Don't worry, I think If we like crochet and knitting, yarn is the part of our life and also the member of our home..:))
    Best wishes...


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