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Time flies when you're busy

I've been quite busy lately thanks to some wonderful designers who let me test for them.  I think pattern testing is my new addiction.  It's up there with yarn buying.  Since I've slacked off blogging while Jay was here I will have to make up and show you guys some great patterns I have worked up.  This will take me a few blog posts, but I'm sure to show you some of the great talent out there. 

I also started going through my yarn, and putting all the stashes together in one place... hopefully.  I don't know if I have enough room to put it all... Nah... there is always room for yarn.  I'm thinking about invading Jay's closet.  He's hardly ever here anyways, and... well that might keep the kids out of there, and they won't be pulling on his stuff and knocking it to the ground.  I think it's a win / win situation :)  But seriously, I think I will need to research some organization methods of keeping all the yarn under control.  At least keep me fro…