Time flies when you're busy

I've been quite busy lately thanks to some wonderful designers who let me test for them.  I think pattern testing is my new addiction.  It's up there with yarn buying.  Since I've slacked off blogging while Jay was here I will have to make up and show you guys some great patterns I have worked up.  This will take me a few blog posts, but I'm sure to show you some of the great talent out there. 

I also started going through my yarn, and putting all the stashes together in one place... hopefully.  I don't know if I have enough room to put it all... Nah... there is always room for yarn.  I'm thinking about invading Jay's closet.  He's hardly ever here anyways, and... well that might keep the kids out of there, and they won't be pulling on his stuff and knocking it to the ground.  I think it's a win / win situation :)  But seriously, I think I will need to research some organization methods of keeping all the yarn under control.  At least keep me from repeated trips to the yarn store for yarn I know I have but cannot find.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment.  I would love to hear how you keep  your yarn organized.  Number one priority though will be to untangle the ball of yarn mess in the basket next to my bed.  Partially due to my kids playing with it, and me not rolling it back up properly I have a tangled mess next to my bed, and it's driving me crazy.  It will take some time to untangle though and just looking at it is giving me a headache...

What do you think???? Yeah I know... and that doesn't even include the balls that this yarn belongs to... there is more :(  I think that when I am done I will post pictures of all the yarn I managed to pull out of there.

But on a positive note... this is a pattern I just finished testing "A bag divided" for  Little Luvies Shop.  This is my second time testing for her, but I have to say I totally love this pattern.  It is so versatile... I will be using the one I made as a diaper bag, but already told her that I will be making some for each one of my kids so they can bring their things on car rides.  It all stays nicely organized... And as you can see in the picture above, organizations isn't my strong point. This pattern will be going on sale soon, so keep your eye out for it.  

Also one last thing I wanted to share with you.  My birthday has just passed and Snappy Tots gives you a free pattern of your choice for your birthday... I am so excited.  I have been eyeing this pattern for quite some time now and can't wait to finally make it.  It is the Ashmar Garden Hat that you can find on this website.  I think it's stunning, and I hope mine looks at least somewhat like hers.  Will have to go through my stash and find the perfect yarn for it.... Can't wait :)


  1. I like it...love the colors you picked out!


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