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Tests, tests, and more tests. Can a hobby be stressful?

What have I been up to?  What has been keeping me away from my blog?  Well it's summer is finally over which was super busy for us.  The kids were home from school, and we did a lot. My house flooded when my sump pump stopped working, and we're still trying to nicely get them to finish all the work.  My house is in shambles, but on a positive note we did get rid of a lot of stuff that we dumped down there.  Hopefully once we are done with it, the downstairs will be a better organized and used place.  Now that the kids are back at school I was lucky to get into a sewing class.  So excited.  I have used a sewing machine before, but never seem to find the time to sit down and work on any projects... kind of hard with 4 kids running around.  And when they finally pass out from exhaustion, instead of getting some sleep myself what do I do?  I came to a realization that I am working on other people's dreams.  But what beautiful dreams they are.  I have been very lucky and hooked…