Tests, tests, and more tests. Can a hobby be stressful?

What have I been up to?  What has been keeping me away from my blog?  Well it's summer is finally over which was super busy for us.  The kids were home from school, and we did a lot. My house flooded when my sump pump stopped working, and we're still trying to nicely get them to finish all the work.  My house is in shambles, but on a positive note we did get rid of a lot of stuff that we dumped down there.  Hopefully once we are done with it, the downstairs will be a better organized and used place.  Now that the kids are back at school I was lucky to get into a sewing class.  So excited.  I have used a sewing machine before, but never seem to find the time to sit down and work on any projects... kind of hard with 4 kids running around.  And when they finally pass out from exhaustion, instead of getting some sleep myself what do I do?  I came to a realization that I am working on other people's dreams.  But what beautiful dreams they are.  I have been very lucky and hooked up with some wonderful designers who need their patterns tested.  I have tested headbands, hats, dresses and even shawls.  The list is never ending, mainly because I cannot pass up a beautiful test without trying to get  it.  And that is how I end up with tons to do, and not enough waking hours to do it in.  That of course adds up to little or no sleep... and lots of stress.  So I guess the answer to my question is ... Yes a hobby can be stressful. 

But there are also rewards to what I do.  I think I am learning so much from these wonderful ladies, and am making beautiful things, and of course using up the huge yarn stash that I've accumulated.  But a girl can never have enough yarn... Especially since I keep running out of the ones I need :(   I think it's funny how although I have what I would consider a huge stash of yarn, I never seem to have what I need.  Now that might be mainly due to the fact that I simply cannot find what I need because my stash is not well organized.  I've been looking for ways to organize it but haven't found anything I was totally pleased with.  For now I settled on organizing it by type in vacuum seal bags.  This way I can see what I have, and know where to look for what I need.  Maybe not the best solution but works for my needs.  This is what my downstairs stash looked like.  Does not include what I had out or hidden upstairs... and explains my dilemma about finding yarn.

I have also worked up a pumpkin hat for my girls, since one of them has a school field trip to the pumpkin patch.  I first made a beanie, and then converted the pattern to a bonnet.  I love, love, love bonnets on little girls.  I am in the process of writing out the pattern, to share with you guys.  Hopefully will have it by next week.  


  1. Finally get to see the stash. Sewing eh? Are you copying me LOL?

    1. LOL... Kristy signed me up... It's a wonderful program since they babysit for you while you sew. Do it more to spend time crafting with adults. Love it.


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