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Finally getting some work done

So as usual I didn't get a chance to write up the pattern for the hats.  I don't know why I even plan on doing it.  There just isn't enough time in a day... but thought I would write a quick post to share with you some projects I've been working on in the past week.  I started testing for some new designers in the past couple of weeks, and here are some pieces made from their patterns.  

Any My Little Pony fans out there?  Well check out these hats.  How fun.  

Zecora pattern to be released soon.
Working on one more as we speak.  These will go in Christmas presents for some kids whose parents needed extra help buying gifts this year.  I will be making 12 hats this year to donate.  Hope to put a smile on some kids faces.
I also got to test an "Ollie Monster" pattern by Bobbles & Baubles... I am so in love with this little guy.  I think he turned out great.  Not sure what I will do with him yet.  Mig…